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1pc right hand 1.8m*1.1m Golden Violet belly dance silk fan veil

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  • Model: 3GF40PU/PI/OG
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Winged Sirenny


We make. You bring to life!


This is for 1 PIECE RIGHT HAND silk fan veil that is made of real silk and bamboo. Silk is hemmed where necessary to prevent fraying. Fan comes with a carry bag and plastic cushions to adjust the tightness of the fan. Free shipping!
Steaming iron to have the best floating and never wash the fan.

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Good quality light weight semi-transparent 4.5 Mommes real mulberry silk screened for defects.

Hand painted vibrant colors with smooth gradation.
Batch made identical colors ideal for group dance.



Bamboo staves are wider and stronger than most other fans.

Curved and polished to hold comfortably. Carefully screened for splinters and defects.


Size in detail



Hem the edges where necessary to prevent fraying and extends the fan's life.

Tiny hemming (less than 0.1" wide) will not affect the movement of fans. Hem the silk over bamboo to prevent the fabric from being distorted.

Hem the end to prevent silk from fraying.


Free carry bags

Free black carry bags made of soft fabric.


Plastic cushions to adjust tightness

Some dancers may prefer fans to be tight so it can stay open all the way, others wish to open and close more dramatically. Plastic cushions are available to make the fan tighter.

Find them in a small plastic bag that comnes with the fans.

Cut it open.

Tie the open cushion around the metal pin that goes through the bamboo.


This is optional. In most cases the fan is just fine without using them. But it is suggested you keep them. They also prevent the pin from sinking into the bamboo hole.


Use and care

Steaming iron to get rid of wrinkles to have the best floating of the fan. Never use a hot iron.

Do not wash the fans. Color will run out. Keep it off water. If rained, hang it dry before packing.