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Free optional small plastic cushions to adjust fan tightness

by Wong | post a comment

In Chinese folk dance the fans need to be very flexible to open and close. But some belly dancers may prefer the fans to stay open all the way. The solution is a small size plastic cushion that can be easily tied to the pins of the fan, without tearing the pin apart.



Since 1st, Oct, 2017, We will give 4pcs of these cushions to each pair of fan. If you need your fans to be tight so it can stay open, you just need find the pins and do the following:


You may do this on both ends of the pin to make the fan even tighter. This also solves the problem of the pin head sinking into bamboo.


Either the fan being too loose or the pin sinking into bamboo are only small probability events. In most cases the fans are just fine without you doing anything. The cushions are just safety measures. Please keep them.

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