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What veils are deemed as defected?

by Wong | post a comment

Winged Sirenny (Silk&Bamboo Studio) aims to provide the best quality products for our customers. We carefully inspect each and every piece of veil before selling them. Veils with defects will be put aside and sold as 2nd class items.


What veils are deemed as defected?


There are mainly 5 types of defects on silk veils


1~Color spots


Our work is done hand and eye. Color spots could be produced during painting or color fixation.



2~Silk holes and wounds


Small silk factories in China often make silk with holes and splits. Holes and cuts can also be produced by careless workers during painting and rolling edges.



3~Silk distortion


When the silk is too thin or made too soft, it can easily be distorted during handling.





Produced during color-fixation. A big problem we are trying to avoid.





Like milk or glue.


On a veil sized from 1.5m*0.9m to 2.7m*1.4m, if we find any of these defects above, no matter how small they are, the whole piece of veil will be deemed as defected and priced differently. We have picked up thousands of defected veils since we started this business. Although the quantity is big, the problem on each veil is actually small. If a veil is compared to a wing, most defects are smaller than a feather. They are even more unnoticeable during dancing. These slightly defected veils are perfect for beginners to practice.




Defected veils are sold in this category If you buy from this category, you could have many kinds of defects listed above on 1 single veil. We do not plan to have more of these defected veils after they are sold out.

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