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About the silk that we use

by Wong | post a comment

The silk we use are made in large silk fabric factories, from good silk threads. Good factories have up-to-date equipment, good quality control. The fabric is strong, smooth. No broken threads or holes. We are willing to use good quality silk fabric because

1~Less problem in fabric means less time spent on checking quality, and also helps minimize the defect ratio of silk veils.

For us, if one piece of silk veil (2.7m*1.14m) has a single thread broken or a hole the size of a needle point, that veil is deemed as defected and can only be sold at half price. That is why we only use good quality silk made in large factory.


2~Good fabric means the veil can be used for a longer time.

3~Of course it increases our sales and reputation.

There are many small silk factories who provide inferior silk to other veil suppliers at cheaper price. Those small factories have outdated equipments that produce many problems: broken and distorted threads, newspaper woven into the fabric,etc…Still some veil suppliers like to use those inferior silk because they are cheaper. For the small veil suppliers, it is also impossible for them to buy from large silk factories whose minimum quantity is over 10,000meters each time.

There are many kinds of silk. The thickness of the silk is measured by "mm".

What does "mm" stands for? Please refer to

We have

90cm 4mm paj silk, the lightest silk, used on silk fans

2G 1.5m silk fan veils

90cm 5mm paj silk, used on streamers, 3G fans, pois

2.5m*90cm silk throw streamersilk veil pois3G silk fan veils

114cm 5mm paj silk, used on rectangular veils

rectangular tie-dye silk veilsrectangular 2 color gradientRectangular long stripes Tie-dye

140cm 5mm paj silk, used on rectangular veils

rectangular 5mm 140cm wide veil

114cm 6mm habotai silk, used on half circle veils, wings

half circle 5&6mm tie-dye veilssilk wings

114cm 8mm habotai silk, used on half circle veils, wings

half circle 8mm TIE-DYE veilssilk wings

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