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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What does 1G, 2G and 3G fans mean?

A: G stands for Generation. 1G fans are our very first. 2G fans have better quality in that:

1~use stronger bamboo base, 2~silk gradation is better. Please refer to 2nd generation fan veils.

3G fans are special in their long stripes or tie-dye designs. They use silk that is after special treatment to have better colors and touch. Refer to 3G fan veils.


Q: I'm afraid that I must pay a high duty of this order when it come to my country. Can you mark smaller value?

A: Yes we always decalre small values in hopes that our customers do not pay high taxes. Besides that, there are also other ways to minimize the possibility of taxes:

1~use regular shipping instead of expedited shipping like DHL or Fedex, unless it is really urgent.

2~Split the order and have it shipped in several small packages to different persons.

3~Split the payment into the values you would like us to declare on the parcels.

However, you may still have to pay taxes even if we have done all mentioned above.


Q: The price of fan veils is for 1 piece or 2 pieces?

A: Unless says "single", the default price for fans is 1 pair (1R+1L). You may still buy right or left single pieces. Please feel free to contact us. For fans marked "single", you may still buy pairs.


Q: What if I don't receive the package or item comes defected?

A: The default free shipping takes 3~6 weeks, depending on a lot of factors that we cannot control, such COVID-19, snow storms, and Post strike. Please wait patiently and have faith that you would either receive the goods, or at least money back.

If the packages has not any updates for over 4 weeks then it is probably lost and we will send free replacement or refund.

If you received wrong or damaged items please take pictures and send us, and we will send replacement or refund.


Q: What shipping method do you provide? I need this item urgently. Can I have a quicker shipping service?

A: We offer free shipping by registered mail which takes generally 2-5weeks to arrive, depending on the post office, weather and Customs. We also have express shipping like DHL, TNT, FEDEX and UPS. They takes 4-10 days and cost extra. The exact price you need pay for express shipping depends on which country you are in and the size or weight of the package.


Q: How do I know if you have shipped my order? Can I trace my order on website?

A: For each shipment we make there is a tracking number. The tracking number will be sent to you by email. In most cases shipping is by registered mail. Give our shippers 3-7 days to post and you will see the tracking number on


Q: What is the difference between 5mm and 8mm silk veils?

A: mm is a measurement for fabric's thickness. It is short for mommes. 5mm silk uses less silk threads than 8mm. 5mm veils are lighter and floating, while 8mm silk veils are stronger and more powerful. 5mm veils are more widely used.


Q: Do you Custom make fans and veils?


1-For fans,

Yes we custom make fans. No minimum order quantity. The less you make the higher the unit price.

2- for veils

We can make veils in 2 ways: the informal way and the formal way. The difference lies in the fixation treatment. The veils made in the informal way do not go through fixation treatment. Although it looks very beautiful, the color cannot stand washing.

If to make in the informal way, there is no minimum order quantity.

If to make in the formal way, MOQ is 100 meters.

Custom make items takes 1-2 weeks to finish.


Q: How much will I have to pay if I want to ship fast? And tell me how to pay.


We have DHL that delivers in 7 working days and costs extra USD23 (for 1 package, no matter how many items in that package). You may have to pay taxes even though we would declare small values.

To choose DHL shipping you need register an account with our website During the checkout you would see the express shipping option. Please make sure to leave your telephone number, which is required by DHL.