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2023 Spring Festival vacation2023/01/08
End of year Sale! Save 5% on everything!2022/11/17
You can now buy left hand or pairs of large fan veils and flutte2022/10/24
Our Shipping Policy2022/10/11
Quantity Discounts2022/09/30
The features of our silks2022/06/07
New products-fan pois2022/06/07
Our ebay store was closed2022/06/01
Improved rods for over-sized flags2022/01/18
2022 Spring Festival Vacation.2022/01/04
Attention: We charge 12%~18% VAT to EU customers.2021/06/22
Why the silks must get rid of creases?2020/12/02
New better carry bags for veils and pois2020/11/30
Shipping takes much longer2020/04/29
Welcome to use our live chat online!2020/02/29
A new web store under construction.2019/01/14
Half circle double veils are sold by pieces2018/06/14
After 1st, July 2018, we will no longer work on Saturdays2018/03/23
All throw streamers MADE after 1st, Feb, 2018 will have 48cm rod2018/01/25
You can now buy only the silk veil part of pois.2018/01/23
1.5m 3G fans available for purchase2018/01/17
Apply for a higher Discount!2017/12/19
2017~2018 Holidays2017/12/18
Error 104262017/12/18
Quantity Discount Available NOW For Registered Customers2017/12/15
Free optional small plastic cushions to adjust fan tightness2017/09/02
We will hem the ends of fans to prevent them from fraying2017/08/10
48cm sticks for all throw streamers2017/06/06
Single piece options available for fans, flutters and double vei2017/05/20
Improved Streamer Sticks2017/05/12
2017 Spring Festival Vacation2017/01/11
"Winged Sirenny"-Officially Registered Trademark2016/11/04
Throw Streamers2016/08/24
Silk Streamer2016/08/24
fan sizes2016/08/23
Products catalogue ready for download2016/08/22
Get rid of silk wrinkles!2016/08/17
Registered mail Shipping starts to take longer!2016/08/16
What veils are deemed as defected?2016/03/24
Silk Wings2014/10/26
New Streamers! And cheaper!2014/04/21
Tracking numbers will be uploaded to your order status.2014/01/10
A New Faster free shipping method available!2014/01/10
How to assemble pois?2013/11/22
Improved POI components!2013/09/24
Bags for pois and veils2013/09/12
2nd generation fan veils2013/09/10
Improved silk veil pois!2013/09/10
Silk veils with hand rolled 4 edges2013/09/10